We care for your health

Located in the best Farmer Zone

Our Farm is located in Levels, WV. A really well known area for the quality of the produce. The land is rich and so is our vegetables.

Family owned and Operated

We know what family is and how to take care of it. We are proudly working in our farm insuring the quality of our produce. We are a family to family business.

So how does it work?

Browse through our selection of wonderful produce

We have a variety of produce such as Fresh Okra, Green Peppers (Bell), Cucumbers, (Med/Large/Super Large), Jalapeño, Celery, Egg Plants (Excellent) and Tomatoes

Pick and pay

We have the best quality in the market at an affordable price.  Why buying from super markets when you can pick what you want, get healthier produce and at a better price. 

Walk ins Welcome and delivery from land to door!

We love interaction with our customers, all walk ins are welcome! Feel free to come to our farm and look at our produce.

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14633 Jersey MTN Road,
Levels, WV 2531

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Call us at (443) 413-2252